7 Things You Want to Know About Cornavin Watches

In the fashion world, people don’t wear only a piece of clothing, a watch or an accessory, they might be attached in a brand story, spirit or might more!

Here are 7 things you want to know about Cornavin Watches and its heritage.

1- Cornavin Watches are 100% Swiss Made since the first model till now.

2- Cornavin Watches has 4 main collections (Downtown, Downtown Sport, Downtown 3-H, Bellevue) with more than 75 elegant models to choose between.  

3- Cornavin was one of the first brands that introduced the big date watches to the market.

4- Cornavin Watches is the first choice for School Boy Q, Anderson Paak and many other celebrities. 

5- Cornavin Downtown 3-H collection is only for ladies.

6- Cornavin Online Store is shipping all over the world, so you can order even if you’re now in the North Pole, you can get your Cornavin watch.

7- Cornavin Watches are Waterproof, doesn’t this cool? 🙂

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