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With its unique designs, Cornavin has been able to establish a strong position in the watch market across the world. Cornavin is represented in various countries across the globe, where very trusting and solid partnerships have been established. Offering eye-catching designs and developing attractive collections, the popularity of Cornavin keeps growing and conquers more and more leading


Cornavin's strongest market is its home, Switzerland. With over 50 shops in over 30 cities across this small country Cornavin is considered one of the leading independent brands in its price range for sport watches.


With a very strong partnership with the biggest retailer for Swiss made watches (UngaroSwiss Kft.) in Eastern Europe, Cornavin is a leading brand in the Eastern European market offering high quality for affordable prices.

Middle East

A key market for Cornavin is the Middle East, especially the Arabian Peninsula. With strong partners in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman Cornavin caters to the clients with its unique designs and high standard of quality.


A growing presence for Cornavin on the African continent is due to strong partnerships with companies in Nigeria. The DRC and Libya. The demand for high quality Swiss Made timepieces as provided by Cornavin is constantly growing.

Become a retailer

Cornavin Watches Ltd is offering the opportunity to become a retailer or a reseller in a particular country, whether your store is online or offline. Send us a message with your details or contact us through one of the following methods. 

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