Our History

1953 Advert for Cornavin Watches

Shaped by its historical company origins, the rich in tradition watch brand Cornavin was founded in Geneva and was also named after a central area of the city. Cornavin was one of the first Swiss watch brands to introduce the big date and became popular in the 1950s and 1960s by developing fine mechanical watches. Being part of the impressive history of the Swiss watch-making industry is what drives us to continue producing timepieces of high quality and Swiss precision.

Fast forward to 2020

Cornavin provides clients across the world with high-quality Swiss Made watches with unique designs. The watches of the Cornavin collections are a representation of Swiss precision and quality combined with exclusive designs and long-lasting satisfaction for our clients.

Rich in innovation, technical perfection and individuality, Cornavin has continuously strived for the art of perfection.

Whether classic, sporty or elegant, every Cornavin timepiece is manufactured in Switzerland using the most carefully chosen, finest quality materials and will convince everyone with its appealing uniqueness.

Every Cornavin reflects the careful craftsmanship of our Swiss watchmakers. Cornavin produces only Swiss made watches of high-quality materials using the best Swiss movements. To assure the traditional Swiss precision and high standard, each Cornavin goes through a process of strict quality control in order to assure our consumer’s satisfaction.

History of CornavinA touch of our past, the Cornavin Super Flat DE LUXE 17 RUBIS